Online Pokies Guide

Online Casinos have been noted for its wide variety of top notch casino games and indeed the industry prides itself on delivering realistic land casino games rendered with the internet. Among hundreds of casino games online, slots, exclusively known as pokies in Australia, offers some of the best entertainment online.

The claim of online pokies being one of the Aussie favourites is backed by proper evidence. Australian online pokie machines are a very simple way for Aussies to bet. With a couple of straightforward steps, punters can play from anywhere. While software downloads and installations take a few minutes, playing online pokies in an Australian instant play casino takes no time at all.


First slot machine in Australia – Clubmaster


In our article below, we discuss on how pokies came to be one of the most popular casino games in Australia, how it’s played and all the different types of slot games available online.

History of Pokies

Slot machines were first developed in the United States in the 1900’s. Gambling was illegal in the States during this time, yet, slots proved to be a huge success and spread throughout the world immediately.

Slot machines were introduced in Australia around 1950’s when Aristocrat Leisure Technology, a gaming company in Australia developed a game known as Clubman, which later changed to Clubmaster. It is believed that the term pokie was developed during that time and the name still used exclusively in Australia. With the Australian government loosening gambling regulations during that period and the development of more pokie machines, the popularity of this game boosted significantly.

In 1994, the first Internet casinos opened with Microgaming and introduced a new way of playing pokies. The latest chapter in the history of poker machines is the move to mobile gaming. With the invention of the smart phone and tablets you can now play and win on the pokies at anytime and anywhere.

Pokie terms and glossary

The terms below are all the components of a typical pokie game.

Reels: Reels are columns on the screen in which all the symbols appear and when you hit ‘Spin’ you are actually spinning the reels.

Symbols: Symbols are icons shown on the reels and aligning these icons across the payline earns you prizes.

Paylines: Paylines are lines that pass through symbols from left to right. The combinations of symbols that go through these paylines evaluate your winnings. Paylines are generally indicated by the numbers on the right and left sides of the reels.

243/1024 ways: Some pokies do not have payline but instead have a fixed pattern known as 243 or 1024 ways to win. In order to create a combination, the symbols have to occur in adjacent reels form left to right. When a game has 5 reels and 3 rows, 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 = 243, which is where the name comes from. The same goes for 5 reels and 4 rows, 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 = 1024.

Pay table/View Pays: This button allows you to access the payouts, where you’ll find information on the prizes on offer, paylines and rules.

Coins: The number of coins of a specific denomination you want to insert.

Coin denomination: Select a denomination of a single coin.

Bet: The total bet after calculating the no. of active paylines, the coin denomination and the no. of coins inserted.

Bet Max: The option allows you to bet the maximum coins on the slot machine with the selected coin denomination.

Spin: This button allows you to spin the reels once with the selected bet amount.

Credits: This box which indicates your total account balance.

How online pokies work: Gameplay

The rules to an online slot game are straightforward and can be easily explained in a few steps.

  1. We suggest that all players start by clicking on the Paytable or the Info and have a good understanding of all symbols, payouts and bonuses.


  1. At the bottom of the gameplay screen there’s a navigation bar which controls all bets and auto play options.

You choose your wager amount by adjusting 3 options, the no. of paylines, the coins or bet per line and the coin denomination. These adjustments are made through the navigation bar the bottom of the screen which controls the bets and the spin function. Total Bet amount = No. of paylines active X Coin denomination X No. of Coins inserted.

  1. Click Spin

Winning in slots

Once you click on spin, the reels spins and stop at a random position. You generally need to align 3 or more identical symbols along an active payline in an adjacent manner to receive the payout for the symbols you matched. The classic card suit symbols of J, Q, K and A have a lower payout whereas symbols related to the theme have a higher payout.


In the example above, you can see 3 identical J symbols in 3 different payline and 2 10’s symbol and a wild in another payline which is treated as 3 10’s symbols. So with the total bet of $0.20, the win breaks down to:

3 J’s in 1 payline = 5 coins (payout for 3 J’s) X 3 paylines = 5 X $0.20 X 3 paylines = $3.00

3 10’s in 1 paylines = 5 coins (payout for 3 10’s) = 5 X $0.20 = $1.00

Total win amount = $4.00

Types of Pokies

If you’re new to online pokies, you’ll be definitely impressed with the sheer variety of pokie games available online. Developers have made full use of online technology and designing in creating top quality slot games with sharp graphics, flawless animations and life-like sound effects in an attempt to embody land slot machines and take them a step further.

Primarily, online slot games can be classified in 4 major categories:

  • Classic Pokies
  • Video Pokies
  • 3D Pokies
  • Progressive Jackpots

Find full details on each type of online pokies in our “Choosing Online Pokies” page where we list out features of each category and discuss on what to expect while playing each game.

Pokies Bonus Features

Players who aren’t familiar to online pokies will be surprised to know the sheer quantity of bonuses developers have introduced in online slot games. Nearly all online pokies nowadays have bonuses. These are one of the joys of choosing to play online pokies instead of the traditional slot machines. The bonus features offered by an online slot game can be viewed through the Paytable.

Here are some common online pokie bonus features

  • Wild symbols
  • Scatter symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers
  • Bonus Game
  • Gamble Features

We describe each pokie bonus in detail in our “Pokie Bonus Features” page.

You can try out some of the best pokie games online here.