Download based casinos

Many casino games enthusiasts were not able to gamble since they couldn’t afford to go play in land casinos. This was until, Microgaming, an Isle of Man company in UK, developed the first casino software in 1994 and brought in into the public spotlight. This software developed by Microgaming was a computer program that had to be downloaded and installed into the player’s computer in order to play online casino games. lso created a new platoform in recent years where no download is required.

As briefly explained above, Microgaming developed the first online casino software which was download based. Many similar software companies then created casino software programs. Most companies have also created instant play software where no download is required. This article is all about download based casinos. Read on to learn how to download casino software and the advantages and disadvantages of downloading casino software. Click here to go to our ‘Non-download casino page.

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About download based casinos

Download Casinos are gaming sites where all principal functions are processed through a software program that the player needs to download on his device. The software that users download into the computer integrates all functions of an online casino, including registration, banking (depositing and withdrawing), playing games, customer service and more, under a single interface.

There are certain specifications that require fulfilling when a player wants to download casino software:

– A certain disk space, generally between 250 – 300 MB should be available on the hard disk
– A Windows operating system

Although there are numerous online casinos that now use the web browser as their software host rather than a software program, this interface is still the vanguards in the emerging online casino industry.

How to download and install casino software

Step 1: Open the casino website which is download based.
Step 2: Click on ‘Download Now’ or ‘Play Now’. These buttons should be available on the homepage of the website.
Step 3: A dialog box will open and click ‘Save’.
Step 4: Choose a destination folder for the setup file.
Step 5: After the download is complete, open the setup file.
Step 6: Follow the set of instructions and click ‘Next’.
Step 7: Once you land on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page, read the terms and conditions, once satisfied, check the ‘I Agree’ box and click next.
Step 8: Once the installation is complete, the casino software should be available on your desktop or the start menu.


To learn where to start after downloading casino software, go to our “Getting Started” beginner’s Guide.

We need to highlight the fact that even after installing casino software; players need to complete a one-time installation for each casino games existing in the casino. This is a relatively quick process and can be done by just clicking on the game. Players do not have to install the games after installing it once, however, if the casino offers new games, further installations and updates are necessary.

Now that we’ve clarified what a download based casino is and how they function, below we list the advantages and disadvantages of playing in a download casino.

Advantages of downloading casino software

tickGameplay and overall performance in downloaded software relies less on the internet and more on the personal computer. Users with access to slower internet might find download casinos smoother than web based casinos but they will need a computer with a decent processor.

tickAs we’ve mentioned, most online casinos still choose download software as an interface. There are few download casinos that offer non-download platform as a complimentary format, however, in those casinos, the games in non-download interface might be limited and some benefits such as certain bonuses or promotions may be available only to those playing on the downloaded version of software.

tickDownload casinos are known to have a more dynamic interface through their software providing slightly better user journey than their non-download counterpart.

Disadvantage of downloading casino software

crossDownloading online casinos confines the casino to one single device. Since the software is available in a single computer, playing games remotely is only possible if you download the software into another device as well.

crossMost download casinos make the software only compatible for Windows, so Mac or other OS users might have a tough time searching for a good online casino that offers compatible software programs to any other OS than Windows.

crossOnline casinos are known to take the best security measures to assure a safe download, however, if players play in an unreliable casino, there is always a chance that you might get malware or viruses into your computer.

crossAlthough it is a one-time setup, some players might find it a hassle to go through the process of downloading the software and the games which consumes both time and hard disk space.