No download casinos

As we’ve mentioned in our ‘Download Casino’ article, Microgaming launched the first casino software ever in 1994. In the early parts of the 21’st century, online gambling was just starting to boom. As players became more and more comfortable with this modern variation of casinos, they immediately started looking for more convenient ways to play casino games. Then software developers came with a casino interface where no downloading was required.

This article intends to detail on no download casinos, how they work and their pros and cons. After reading both download and no download casino type articles, we hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which interface best suits your preference. Click here to go to “Download based casinos” page.

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About No download casinos

No download casinos are online casinos where players can perform all casino functions directly through the web browser, without having to download any casino software. While no download casinos still use software to provide all functions, the web browser hosts the casino rather than a software program.

No download casinos are known by different named, each describing a trait; it’s known as instant play casinos as players can register and play instantly through the web browser; it’s also known as web based casinos as players use the web browser as a medium instead of software clients.

While many might argue that download casinos are better than instant play interfaces, we know for a fact that no download casinos are perfectly serviceable to fulfill every demand and expectation of players.

How no download casinos work?

There isn’t much to describe in terms of how non download casinos work. Since there are no external programs involved in the process, players can just go to the website and register right away and if they you don’t want to register yet, players can simply pick a game and play in practice mode (considering the casino offers games in practice mode).

For full details on where to start with online casinos, download or non-download, please visit our “Getting Started” page in our beginner’s guide.

Advantages and disadvantages of no download casinos

It may sound odd to readers who are more familiar with download based casinos, but the development of no download casinos was a major breakthrough within the industry. Although no download casinos are freshly introduced in comparison to download based software casinos, they have definitely captivated numerous players in the industry. As these casino type come more in play, players have recognised the benefits of not having to download any software, some of which we have listed below.

tickNot having to download casino software into the computer allows players to play their favourite casino games from any device with an internet. Flexibility and mobility is one of the great advantages of no download casinos.

tickPlayers can skip the process of downloading and installing casino software and jump directly to playing casino games. All games in non-download casinos are directly available through the web browser and players do not have to go through any game installation process at all.

tickIf you are just an occasional gambler, you’ll appreciate the fact that your computer’s hard disk space is not consumed by not downloading any additional software.

tickIf you are still in the phase of trying out casinos and their games, they are easily accessible through the browser itself rather than having to download software for each casino.

tickPlayers can play online casino games through any Operating System; all they require is a web browser.

With numerous advantages of instant play casinos, this interface definitely promises a more innovative way to play online casino games. However, with all these advantages in play, there are a few disadvantages to playing casino games through your web browser.

crossIf you do not have a decent internet connection, loading casino games on the browser might consume more time.

crossDownload Casinos are more spontaneous in terms of user journey. Casino software programs are designed in a more consolidated manner making the navigation on the software smoother.