Deposit Bonus

Today online casinos offer a huge variety of bonuses and promotions; these bonuses are generally divided in two categories; a bonus where the player has to deposit money and another bonus which a player receives without depositing.

In this article we will focus on bonuses in which a player needs to deposit money in order to receive the bonus. We have briefly introduced deposit bonuses in our ‘Casino bonuses and promotions’ page. In this article we describe the bonuses and also explain the general terms and conditions attached to these bonuses. Towards the end of this article, we have listed online casinos with the best overall deposit bonuses.

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Deposit Bonuses are incentives for making deposits in an online casino. These bonuses generally allow players to gamble with the casino’s money after you’ve made a deposit. Most online casino deposit bonuses are an option. Players do not necessarily have to accept it but we strongly recommend that they do. However, we also suggest that you read the casino’s bonus terms and conditions carefully before accepting these bonuses.

/Welcome bonus

Sign-in bonuses might be the most commonly offered casino bonus online. Offered by all the casinos listed on this website, welcome bonuses can be claimed as soon as you make your first deposit in the casino.

These bonuses are often expressed in a percentile form where the casino offers a certain percentage of the deposit amount as bonus. If a player deposits $200 and the casino offers a 100% welcome bonus, the casino adds $200 to their bonus account. It is very important to note the difference between cash account and bonus account maintained with the casino. Any bonuses that a player receives as a casino bonus is first transferred to their bonus account and can only be withdrawn after the wagering requirement is met.

Re-load bonus

Many casinos now offer bonuses similar to the Sign-in bonus, the only difference being, this bonus is offered on additional deposits made by the player. It is not necessary that casinos offer 100% match on additional bonuses. If the casino states they offer 50% bonus on the second deposit up to $100 and 30% bonus on the 3rd deposit up to $100, all the bonuses are also transferred to the bonus account and the stipulations behave very similar to the Sign-in bonuses.

Preferred payment method bonus

Many casinos have a preferred payment method. This generally has to do with casinos having partnership with certain companies or the banking system which can easily process their transactions. If a player deposits through the casino’s preferred deposit method, they give a certain percentage of the deposit amount as a bonus, adding it to the player’s bonus account.


  • All bonus amounts are subject to wagering or playthrough requirements. This is the foremost condition that a player must fulfill in order to transfer their funds from the bonus account to the cash account. Go to our ‘Casino bonus and promotions’ page if you aren’t familiar with wagering requirements.
  • If the player has to fulfill wagering requirements on both the bonus and the deposit amount and is not successful in fulfilling the playthrough requirements and loses all the bonus cash, he will forfeit his deposit amount as well. This is because players normally play through their real cash as well.
  • If the player tries to withdraw money before fulfilling the playthrough requirements, the bonus will be terminated.
  • The casino will state the maximum bet amount allowed in a single stake while betting with bonus cash. Bonuses may be forfeited if the player makes a single bet over that amount.
  • Additional terms and conditions will apply depending on the casino.

*These are subject to change as per casino rule; however, these are the general stipulations that normally apply to bonuses mentioned above