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Casino promotions and bonuses are probably the most discussed topic in online casinos. While some people ignore these bonuses, a good player takes advantage of this facility rather than overlooking it. Online casinos without a doubt top land casinos in terms of bonuses and promotions and a subject definitely discussed widely among casino forums and enthusiasts.

Taking advantage of these bonuses can lead a rewarding gambling experience. In order to take proper advantage, it is necessary to understand these bonuses and promotions. Both regular and first time players are offered a variety of online casino bonuses which we have briefly introduced below.


–          Welcome/Sign Up bonus
–          Reload bonus
–          Preferred payment bonus

–         No deposit cash bonus
–         Free Spins bonus
–         Refer a friend bonus

The express purpose of this article is to introduce players to common bonus offers and promotional schemes offered by most online casinos. Readers can find full details on each bonus and promotion in their respective pages.

Welcome/Sign Up bonus


Sign up or welcome bonus is the first variety of bonus option present in online casinos. All first time players at an online casino are entitled for such bonus program. Players are required to make their first deposit to the online gambling establishment to be eligible for a welcome bonus.

The bonus amount is a certain percentage of the player’s first deposit amount. Normally this percentage is set to be around 100%, therefore sign up bonuses are also referred as Match bonus, because the bonus amount matches the deposit amount.

Online casinos normally limit the deposit amount, therefore when expressing sign up bonuses, players will come across phrases such as ‘100% match bonus up to $300’. This means that the casino will reward a bonus amount equal to the player’s first deposit amount of up to $300.

It’s important to emphasize the fact that these bonus amounts are credited to the player’s bonus account which is independent from the player’s cash account held with the casino. All amounts deposited by the player are credited to the casino’s cash account and all bonuses received are credited to the bonus account. Funds in the bonus account is not withdrawable and to transfer funds from the bonus account to cash account, players need to fulfill what is called a playthrough requirement which is explained towards the end of this article.

Reload bonus

This is another common type of bonus that players will encounter while making deposits in an online casino. While reload bonuses follow the same principle as a welcome bonus, the only difference is that reload bonuses are offers on deposits after the first deposit.

So if a casino offers 100% match bonus on the first deposit and 50% bonus on the second deposit, the 100% match is the welcome bonus and the 2nd deposit is a bonus offered after the player reimburses his cash account. The number of reload bonuses offered depends on the casino. While some casinos offer bonuses just on the second deposit, there are casinos out there that offer reload bonuses on 5 or 6 more deposits after the first one.

A modern trend of offering these bonuses is through a welcome package. For example, currently EmuCasino offers a welcome package of “100% match bonus on first 3 deposits up to $300”, meaning the bonus on the first deposit equals the first deposit amount up to $100, and the casino also offers 100% match bonus on the second and third deposit of up to $100.

Preferred payment bonus

As players across the globe realise the advantages of online casinos, the operators now offer banking methods to cater players from every part of the world. Players can find numerous deposit and withdraw methods from which they can select, depending on their country’s banking regulations and availability. However, in order to encourage their players to use a certain method over others, they can offer additional payment method bonuses. The casino may adapt this bonus scheme due to numerous reasons such as the transaction might be quicker, it might be more secure for the player and the casino etc.

The particular payment method set by the casino can be viewed either in the casino’s promotion page or their banking page. Normally, this bonus is expressed in terms of percentage where the casino rewards a certain percentage of the deposit made through that specified deposit option as a bonus.

Please visit our ‘Deposit Bonus’ page where we explain the terms and condition of deposit bonuses and list the best deposit bonuses found online.

No deposit cash bonus


Players who register for the first time in an online casino can benefit the most from this bonus. In No deposit bonus, players do not have to make an investment (deposit) to receive a bonus amount. While this is less common than welcome bonuses, there are numerous online casinos that offer no deposit cash bonuses.

Since this bonus is offered as soon as the player registers, the amount is specified by the casino. Normally, the no deposit cash bonus amount is relatively less, maybe around $10 or so, but it completely depends on the casino.

Free spins bonus

In this bonus, casinos offer the player certain number of free spins soon after registration. Depending on the casino, the player might need a voucher code to play the game, or the player can simply play the specified game allocated for the free spins.

There are 2 ways in which an online casino can draft this bonus; the first is no limit bonus where the amount a player wins during those free spins is the bonus amount; the second is a limited bonus where the bonus amount does not exceed a certain limit, regardless of the amount won by the player during those free spins.

Refer a friend bonus

Refer a friend bonus is another bonus offered by online casinos where a deposit is not required; however, what is required is for the referring player to be registered with the online casino. . To make use of this bonus, you have to be registered in the casino as a player and you can claim the quoted bonus amount by successfully inviting your friend to join the casino.

Please visit our ‘No Deposit Bonus’ page where we explain the terms and condition or deposit bonuses and list the best deposit bonuses found online.

Wagering requirements

Before players get too excited about online casino bonuses, we need to explain the playthrough or wagering requirements, because this is one condition these most players get confused.

Wagering requirements is a term and condition which players need to satisfy in order to transfer their funds from the bonus account to the cash account. In order to do this, players need to playthrough the bonus amount a certain number of times; therefore it’s also called the playthrough requirement.

Wagering requirement is expressed in multiples, for example, if the requirement is 30x turnover and your deposit amount is $80 and you receive a bonus of $80 – that will give you $160 to play with. Now you must wager this $160 at least 30x before you can think about withdrawing any winnings. That means you will need to make $4800 worth of bets.

Sometimes, a casino will say that you only have to play your bonus through a certain number of times. So, with the example above; you start with $160, but $80 needs to be played through 30x, meaning you will need to make at least $1800 worth of bets to cash out.

The total bonus amount a player needs to wager in order to fulfill this requirement varies from casino to casino.

bonus-wagering-requirements-300X95Another issue to focus on within this section is that not all casino games count equally while fulfilling wagering requirements. Referring to the example above, a player needs to wager $1800. If a player plays a game of slots and bets $5, the $5 is deducted from $1800 leaving only $1795 to wager. Slots count 100% towards the requirement but of a player plays other games such as roulette, it may only count as 10%, so a $5 bet on roulette deducts only $0.50 from $1800.

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