Getting Started

For a beginner, getting started with an online casino might feel a bit rigorous and confusing at first, but if you ask people who have associated themselves with online casinos previously, no doubt they’ll say that the procedure couldn’t be simpler.

Just to make sure beginners get the proper instructions, detailed in a simple manner, Free Aussie Pokies dedicates this article in describing how a new player can sign up, deposit and go through all the procedures without hitting any speed bumps.


We hope that by the end of this article, players will have the required information to get confident enough to go ahead and sign up with their favourite Aussie Casino.

Choosing Download/Non-download Casino

Choosing the type of online casino interface is a personal preference at the end. While it is true that online casinos first started as a download format and many casinos still use this interface, instant-play casinos are surely developing as a player favourite. The first step to take when getting started with online casinos is to decide the casino type.

If players decide to sign up with an instant-play casino, the procedure is very simple and you can directly start with signing up. But if players prefer to download casino software, players need to follow a small step before actually signing up.

We explain in detail how to download casino software in our ‘Download Casino’ page but below we’ve listed a quick set of instructions to downloading casino software.

Step 1: Go to the casino website.
Step 2: Click on ‘Download Now’ or ‘Play Now’.
Step 3: A dialog box should pop up and click Save.
Step 4: Choose a destination folder for the setup file.
Step 5: Once the setup file is downloaded, open it to install.
Step 6: Once the software is installed, it should be available on your desktop or the start menu.


Players will find full details of both casino formats in our ‘Casino by type’ page where we explain how both formats work and weigh the pros and cons of both interfaces.

Signing Up/Registration

Depending on which casino interface you are using, you open either the casino software (for download casino) or the casino website (for non-download casino), and click on Sign Up or Register. Players should easily be able to find the registration button in the home page of the website or the software.

A registration form opens in which you enter basic details such as:


EmuCasino registration Step 1

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Currency
  • More or less details maybe be required depending on the casino

Once you have entered all the required details, you’ve created an account with the casino. Players will normally receive a welcome email in their email address as a confirmation of their newly opened account. We highly recommend that players save their username and password in a secure manner. Unless you are using your personal computer to sign in, we do not suggest players to enable the automatic sign in facility.

Some online casinos offer a no deposit bonus which players are entitled to as soon as they register. If the casino offers a no deposit bonus and you decide to accept it, you need to playthrough the casino bonus amount before making a deposit. No deposit bonuses give the players a chance to try out some of the casino games with the casinos money before making a deposit.

Click here to go to our ‘No deposit bonus’ page to learn all about how these bonuses work.

Online Casino Banking

Some online casinos offer casino games in ‘Practice mode’ where players can try out casino games for free. Players may play these games for practice is they wish, otherwise, the next step is to deposit funds in their account and start playing for real money.

Click here to see which online casinos offer games in Free Play Mode.

Choosing an online casino deposit method is a critical task as it very much becomes a partner throughout the journey. Changing the method is possible but not recommended because once you deposit with a particular method and the casino verifies it, you’ll not face any problems in the future in terms of depositing or withdrawing.

To deposit funds into your account:

Step 1: Players can choose a deposit method by signing in and going to the ‘Banking’ section
Step 2: Under the banking section, click on deposit.
Step 3: A dialog box will open with a list of all the deposit options that the casino accept.
Step 4: Choose your preferred deposit method and enter the deposit amount.
Step 5: Enter all the necessary banking details and your funds will be available in your cash account.


Free Aussie Pokies dedicates an entire article to online casino banking where we list all the popular banking methods and explain in detail how you can deposit and withdraw through those banking options. Go to our ‘Banking Guide’ now.

Online Casino Bonuses

As soon as you make your first deposit, you are entitled to the ‘Deposit Bonus’ offered by the casino. Commonly known as ‘Sign Up bonus’ or ‘Welcome Bonus’, deposit bonus is a bonus amount that you will receive once you make your first deposit. Normally the bonus amount equals your first deposit amount and is credited into your bonus account. Welcome bonuses are optional and players may not accept it if they wish, however, we highly recommend that they do.

Our ‘Deposit Bonus’ page lists all common types of deposit bonuses and explains how these bonuses work.

Choosing a Casino Game

Now that you have made your first deposit, it’s fun time. Due to the fact that this is probably the first time you are playing an online casino game with real money, it is highly recommended that you start with a game you are familiar with.

FreeAussiePokies is dedicated to the game of Pokies or Slots and for good reason. Pokies is a great game for beginners to start with as it is uncomplicated and the game delivers high entertainment value as it comes in various formats and incorporates modern day fun themes.

If you want to learn how to play Pokies, go to our ‘Pokies Guide’ where explain in details all the rules of a slot game and its different variations.