Beginner’s Guide

Gambling is a hotly pursued hobby and a money making activity (for some) which has now taken a very contemporary and transformed configuration. Gone are the days when people gambled in the middle of the streets and underground gambling houses ripped people off with rogue casino game. Modern casinos and such establishments have momentously substituted the entire perspective of this commercial activity and this gradual development process does not seem to stop anytime soon.

Because Aussies have passion for gambling and online casinos are a safe and quick way of gaming for Aussies who aren’t able to travel to casinos for a quick flutter, FreeAussiePokies takes this opportunity to guide all readers to the highly entertaining world of online casinos.


Why play casino games online?

Online casinos are the online establishments for gambling. Now, people who love to gamble do not have to go to far off places for gambling. They just require having an internet connection in their computers at home or anywhere with an internet facility. By just sitting in front of their computers, gamblers from all over the world can play their favourite game in the most realistic manner outside a live gambling house.

Apart from the obvious there are numerous reasons to play casino games online:

  • Players can have access to online casino games from home or any device with an internet.
  • If you’re feeling lucky today, there’s no stopping you from placing a bet. Online casino games are available 24 hours, any day of the year.
  • Online casinos allow you to wager in your own pace and time; there are no time constraints and no pressure from the crowd.
  • Online casinos allow a deposit of $20 and a stake of $0.50 if they wish; therefore even low budget players can enjoy this opportunity to play casino games.

Choosing an online casino

Choosing a suitable online casino is a very key consideration for a player. There are many online casinos which are widely ranked and hold a respectable position in the world of gambling. It is preferable to choose that casino which has an advantage and a familiar name in the world of gambling. However, just because an online casino is ranked high from a generic perspective, it’s not necessary that it will perfectly fit your personal needs.

Choosing an online casino has two sides; the first is what the casino delivers and the second is what the player requires. Finding the right balance is the solution to finding the ideal online casino.

Below we have included a checklist which new players are recommended to go through while choosing an online casino:

  • Who operates the casino?
  • Does the casino hold a genuine license and which jurisdiction monitors the casino?
  • Which casino software powers the operations of the casino?
  • Does the casino accept currencies that you have access to?
  • Do you have access to any banking options that the casino accepts?
  • Is the casino download based or non-download based?
  • What bonuses and promotions does the casino offer?
  • Does the casino accept players from your territory?

Getting Started

Getting-Started-online-casinoIf you have never played at an online casino, our “Getting Started’ guide gives you a step by step instruction on how you open an online casino account and play games without any hassle. Registering and depositing at an online casino is easier and quicker than opening a new bank account. These casinos have made sure not to stress you when you register and deposit; unless you do not fulfill their legal requirements or do something to violate their terms and conditions such as registering from a region they have restricted.

FreeAussiePokies is happy to guide you through every step and instruct you as you step into this wonderful world of online entertainment.

Go to our ‘Getting Started’ guide to learn how to:

  • Choose between Download/No download casinos
  • Open an online casino account
  • Online casino banking
  • Online casino bonuses

Online Pokies Guide

Online Pokies/Slots offer the ultimate gaming experience and players should be delighted that online casinos are now able to offer some of the most exciting slot games found in no land based casinos. Aussies love their pokie machines than any other casino game, which is why top Australian online casinos now offer over 150 slot games ranging from classic slot games to cutting edge 3D slots.

While pokies are such a popular casino game, FreeAussiePokies offers a full beginner’s guide for slot play. Our ‘Online Pokies Guide’ explains all the rules of a pokie machine, how to place bets, how the machine works and also explains how to choose a pokie game.


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